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Planning Ahead: Wills and Powers of Attorney

People don’t like to consider the finality of their death.  That’s just the reality.  This is one of the leading reasons why people procrastinate against end-of-life planning.  Once you receive…
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Caregiver Qualifications

Informal caregivers often ask how to know that a caregiver that they’ve hired to provide care for their loved one is qualified.  When they do succeed in obtaining some respite…
Caregiver Stress Post

How Do Others Cope With Caregiver Stress?

Caregiver stress is real.  Caregivers often don’t even realize that the caregiving is the source of their stress.  Often the disease begins slowly.  And seems to progress unevenly.  Simple forgetting,…

Push Back Against Dementia

Are you worried about getting dementia someday? Learn how science and the work of Dr. Rob Sutherland, is proving that we can push back against genetic predispositions of dementia. Life…

I Am Not Ashamed

A courageous daughter opens up about the family experience upon her father receiving a diagnosis of early-onset dementia, and how the “ripple effect” of speaking out can help make a…

Caregiver Centred Care

If you know what it’s like to feel exasperated or ignored in your role as a family caregiver, you’ll want to catch this episode and chime in on the dialogue…

Dementia: The Invisible Diagnosis

“Dementia is not a physical disease, but a cognitive one.” These are the clear words of Jim Mann, living with dementia and desperately trying to shatter the stereotypes that surround…